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Synthetic grass installation services for Councils

At Newy Artificial Grass, we’re specialists in supplying and installing artificial grass for councils across Australia. Our commitment to the community is reflected through our dedication to providing synthetic turf for local government projects that exceed expectations in quality, safety, and environmental considerations. As industry leaders, we understand the criticality of adhering to strict regulations for council-approved artificial grass, ensuring that every installation enhances public spaces without compromising on safety or sustainability.

By choosing our services, councils benefit from durable, high-performing surfaces that stand up to both the unforgiving Australian climate and the rigorous use by community members. To discuss how we can supply and install synthetic turf to your public spaces, give us a call today.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Focused on quality and compliance with council guidelines for artificial grass for councils installation
  • Qualified professional installations with current insurance cover
  • Environmental awareness in the protection of tree zones and verge boundaries
  • Safe and accessible synthetic turf for local government projects, without trip hazards
  • We can work with you to provide Council-approved artificial grass capable of enduring Australian weather conditions
  • Contact Newy Artificial Grass at (02) 4913 5871 for expert installation services

Our Services

We pride ourselves in delivering bespoke artificial grass for NSW councils, ready to work in regions such as Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Gosford, Maitland, and the Central Coast. Our expertise in synthetic turf installation services for councils ensures that public spaces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also meet the unique environmental requirements of each locality.

Our installations are designed to integrate seamlessly with the natural environment, providing spaces that are well-maintained and appreciated by the community.

To serve councils across NSW efficiently, we have adapted our offerings to align with local demands and conditions. Here is a brief glimpse into our tailored synthetic turf solutions:

  • Adaptation to the diverse landscapes of Newcastle NSW and Hunter Valley NSW
  • Customised synthetic solutions that harmonise with the coastal beauty of Gosford NSW and the Central Coast NSW
  • Quality engineered turf catering to the growing infrastructure needs of Maitland NSW


For councils in pursuit of a dependable artificial turf installation partner and exceptional service, we invite you to discuss your needs with us. Reach out to our team at (02) 4913 5871.

The Difference in Choosing Us

High-Quality Products

At our company, we use quality materials to ensure long-term durability and performance.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our foremost concern, and we collaborate with our clients to not only meet but surpass their expectations.

Competitive Pricing

Our goal is not just to offer competitive pricing, but also to deliver lasting quality, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their local public spaces for years to come.

The Benefits of of Choosing Artificial Grass for Councils

At Newy Artificial Grass, we take pride in delivering economical solutions and environmentally responsible artificial turf fields to councils across Australia. The up-front investment in synthetic turf is quickly offset by its noteworthy longevity and low maintenance demands, presenting a wise choice for regionally-savvy local councils.

Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial grass offers multiple benefits for councils, including long-term cost savings, low maintenance requirements, water conservation, consistent aesthetics, and durability, making it a viable option for public spaces, sports fields, and community areas.

Yes, artificial grass is designed to cope with the Australian climate, including high temperatures. It is made with materials that minimise heat retention and ensure safety for the community in various weather conditions.

Councils should have artificial grass professionally installed to ensure compliance with safety standards and local guidelines. Our experts ensure proper installation with the necessary base materials, appropriate drainage, and adherence to environmental concerns.

Synthetic turf helps with environmental sustainability by conserving water, eliminating the need for fertilisers and pesticides, and providing a practical solution for high-use areas that would otherwise require significant natural resources to maintain.

While artificial grass may have a higher initial installation cost compared to natural turf, it offers significant long-term savings due to reduced maintenance costs, no need for irrigation, and lower labour costs for upkeep.

Synthetic turf requires no watering, which substantially reduces the water usage for landscaping in public spaces. This is particularly advantageous for areas with water restrictions or those seeking to promote water conservation measures.

Yes, there are various types of artificial grass, each designed for specific applications such as sporting fields, playgrounds, or ornamental public spaces. We can provide guidance to councils to help choose the right type of synthetic turf for their intended use.

Councils should consider the provider’s experience, the warranty offered on the product and installation, as well as the level of customer support provided. These factors ensure a quality installation that meets community needs.

Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance, which typically includes brushing to keep the fibres upright, occasional washing to keep the surface clean, and infill top-ups. This makes it a cost-effective solution for public areas.

Councils ensure safety and longevity by choosing high-quality artificial grass that complies with strict safety standards, such as heat and fire resistance. Regular inspections and maintenance also contribute to the lasting quality of synthetic fields.